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Love and Rascals


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Our beautiful marble trays add style and luxe into every day living. Perfect for serving or for displaying treasured objects.  It's a must have piece in your living room, dinner table or bedroom. 

Style Details:
Dimensions: 30cm x 16cm 
White and grey honed carrara marble - the degree and pattern of veining will vary
Handmade from 100% marble

Please note, as our marble pieces are all handmade, the beautiful marble piece you receive may not look identical to the pictures shown here. Marble is a natural material and has unique and natural characteristics making each tray unique and one of a kind. Due to the nature of stone and marble, subtle cracks and pits may be present, please be mindful that these are not faults and we cannot accept refunds if you are unhappy with the uniqueness of your piece. 

Care for your marble:
As marble is porous, be careful not to spill liquids, as this may permanently stain your marble.
Marble does not stand acid including certain foods such as lemons, vinegar or other highly acidic elements.
Clean your marble tray with a clean damp cloth using warm water and a neutral cleaner or mild dish washing detergent. Wipe dry. 
Do not use in the dishwasher.


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