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On the weekend, we went to check out the progress on our build and I am gutted to say that our ensuite is looking very small! I knew it was going to be a small space as I sacrificed space in the ensuite for more room in the walk-in wardrobe, but I didn't think it would feel as small as it does. Originally I had chosen the VCBC Splash 1800mm double sink vanity which was going to fit perfectly across the length of one wall. However, I am now thinking it is going to dominate the entire space. The VCBC Splash vanity has quite a chunky top on it, I now think I need to find something around 1200mm wide with a sleek, slimline appearance for the small space. Another reason I want to make the vanity smaller is the heated towel rail is meant to go under the window, but after seeing the ensuite I think the towel rail will look too low and it will be the first thing you see when you walk into the room, I don't really want the towel rail to be a focal point. So I am hoping I can find a nice narrow and tall towel rail which could squeeze in next to the vanity if we make the vanity 1200mm. As you probably know by now I am obsessed with marble! So if we have any funds left I want to tile  the bathroom with Carrara marble, even if it's just behind, the shower and toilet to start. The way things are, looking it will probably be just white paint! The flooring will be polished concrete.

We have sourced all our bathroom fit off from Reece plumbing Victoria Park in Auckland, Marcus was really helpful and super knowledgeable on, all the different products available. I would highly recommend using them.

Below are some of the products we have chosen, however the vanity is likely to change.

Methven Minimalist Basin MixerVCBC Vanity was my original choice.

Frameless Shower

Splash Shower Column

Robertsons L'Hotel Suite

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