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You can slow down my love, where has your first year gone? Your first year has gone by so fast, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

Everything about your first year felt so different to how I felt  during the first year of your brothers life. The first year with your brother felt hard, the days dragged on I cried most days for months. I remember dragging myself out of bed in the morning to shower and then getting straight back into my pajamas. I remember hating it when people would ask me how I was enjoying motherhood, as I would have to awkwardly smile and all I could bring myself to say is it's good. I ignored friends phone calls and visits at all costs. Of course, none of this was your beautiful brothers fault, I'm not one to show much emotion I'm very private in that regard and so I never discussed how I was feeling and, therefore, was never diagnosed but I'm guessing I had PND which so many Mums struggle with.

But with you darling girl, it was amazing from the start. Everything felt easier, maybe because I had more experience? It wasn't all new and daunting. You fed well, you slept well and you were super chilled. It's been amazing watching you grow in this first year. You are strong and independent at 4 months you would happily lay there and feed yourself a bottle. You are determined you don't seem to have any fear, you love to climb everything! Unfortunately, this has led to a few bad falls one resulting in a trip to the hospital. I think you are going to be creative, you love to listen to music and dance, it puts a massive smile on my face watching you. You are super talkative and cheeky just like your Dad. You are strong, you have to be as you are always playing rough and tumble with your big bro. 

There are no words that can truly describe how I feel about you and your brother, and how much you both light up my world. Happy first birthday Aria we love you, may you have a long and happy life filled with much love and much laughter.


Love always Mama x

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  • Kiernan Busher on

    Happy days. Hopefully no more hospital trips

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