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Wow, I can't believe we are celebrating 5 years since Darnell and I got married. It was a beautiful day celebrating with family and close friends at Muri beach in Rarotonga. It was such an amazing spot to celebrate our special day and we got to enjoy a holiday with everyone afterwards which was awesome.

We sure have crammed a lot of great times (and a few not so good) into the last 5 years. But let's just focus on the good times aye!

A few months after our wedding we spent 6 weeks travelling Argentina, Peru and Brazil it was such an awesome honeymoon and we can't wait to get back to South America 6 weeks just wasn't long enough, but it's given us a taste for it and we will be back there one day.....

We had a white Christmas with my family in Wexford Ireland, we always have so much fun there. Followed by new years in Dublin.

And then we moved to London! It was a great experience and it was awesome living in the same city as my brother again. We had lots of awesome nights out in London. 

 Which often led to mornings looking like this!

One of the best things about living in London is how accessible the rest of the world is. We managed to get quite a lot of travel done in our short amount of time. Our first holiday was to Portugal for our 1 year wedding anniversary.

 There was Paris...





Italy and Amsterdam but some a**holes broke into our flat and stole our camera and laptop so we lost all the photos, gutted!

We had road trips to Devon

and road trips to New Forest.  Where I was chased by hungry little horses.

The best road trips were to Belgium where we drank too much beer, ate lots of frites and, of course, had lots of Belgium chocolate!

We spent one New Years in Wales I can't remember the name of the tiny village but it was in the middle of nowhere. We had a great night partying with the locals in the only village pub.

There were night markets, ice skating, picnics and parks.
Then one day we had an unexpected surprise, I was pregnant! We had heaps of fun times in London but it isn't where we wanted to raise a family. So we packed up and headed back to NZ.
We still managed to get some travel in on the way home, I was 31 weeks pregnant! We spent a few weeks travelling Croatia, Montenegro, LA and San Diego.

Also, while we were living in London we bought 2.6 acres where we will soon be building our first family home. We actually applied for building consent this week, yippee!

Not long after arriving back in NZ our beautiful son was born.

Not only are we celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today but our baby girl is also 5 months old today, double celebrations! 

So there you have it a pretty action packed 5 years. We have been very blessed. I look forward to seeing what the next 5 years have installed for us, but I hope it doesn't go by so fast. Please slow down now.
Lots of love to you Darnell today and always.

Celene x

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