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Most of you know that we have been living with my parents for nearly 3 years now, that's right 3 years! And we have two little rascals here too so it's full on chaos. But it's all for a great cause, we are saving to build our own home on 2.6 acres and it would not have been possible if we weren't fortunate enough to stay here. In saying that we are keen to get our build under way, I just want to dig some dirt already! As small as it may seem digging some dirt would give me a huge amount of satisfaction, it would mean our dream is finally becoming our reality.

Apparently we will be applying for building consent this week, yippee! But since tomorrow is Friday I won't be holding my breath *sigh*.
Anyway if all goes well with the council and it's straight forward we will hopefully be starting earthworks in 5 weeks (touch wood). Right in the middle of winter. You're probably thinking that's crazy and it probably is, it's definitely not ideal, but what can you do? These things take time and we aren't keen to wait until summer to start as we are hoping to be able to get into the house and do bits and bobs over the summer while the tradies are on their Christmas break.

We aren't building your typical square weatherboard home. We are building a pavilion home with a 30 degree gable pitch. There will be two pavilions-the front pavilion will be 10 metres long and this will be open plan kitchen, dinning and lounge, then there will be a 5 metre glass walkway which will join the front pavilion to the back pavilion which will be 18.4 metres long, this will consist of two bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, laundry, second lounge and a guest toilet. The structure of the building will be made from steel and the exterior walls will be steel clad. The exterior walls will be in the colour ebony and I think we are leaning towards grey friars for the roof. The joinery will be black. On the inside the majority of the walls will be white. I love white walls with black joinery. And my favourite part- we are having concrete floors! There are so many different finishes that you can choose for concrete floors, I am wanting to have no aggregate showing at all with a smooth finish and we will probably add a touch of black/white to the concrete mix to darken the grey as natural concrete can end up being quite a light white grey and I want it to have some depth.

* Our front door will be all glass as it is in the 5 metre glass link way

*Visual of what our house will look like. We wont be having a garage yet-can't afford! And when we do get it, it wont be this close to the house and I hope it can be set back further. You can't see the 5 metre glass link way in this angle but it's there! Designed by Chris Bassett at <a href="">Designpoint Architecture</a>

If you got to the end of this blog I hope you'll enjoy being bombarded with lots of house updates in the future when we actually start the build.

Celene x

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