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What better way to start the week than with Mama crush Monday?
I know a lot of ladies out there go through an identity crisis when they become a mother . I know I sure did. I don't just mean adjusting to the sleepless nights and constant dirty nappies or being completely selfless for the first time in your life, I also mean image. It seems silly but I use to love experimenting with different lipsticks from bright fuchsia to super dark plum, but as soon as I had Kaelan I was like gosh I can't be wearing these lipsticks, I'm a mum now and my go to colours turned into 50 shades of nude. Not to worry though I have since learned that being a mama doesn't mean I can't be sexy and stylish anymore. Bring on the bright lips and mama crush Monday where you can check out other beautiful talented mama's who inspire me and make being a muma look hot and stylish.
I was inspired to do mama crush Monday after coming across Marcia Leone's awesome blog

Celene x
It only seems right that my first Mama Crush Monday be the mama who inspired me to do it in the first place the stunning Marcia Leone, mama to Archie Valentino.
Her blog is an inspirational space for new-gen mamas you won't find any parenting advice or judgement on her site, she shares the things they love, the places they visit, the clothes they wear and interviews with inspirational mothers. Make sure you follow her on <a href="">Instagram</a> too for beautiful self styled shoots. She sure is one beautiful and talented lady!

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