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We survived the first week of kindy! I say we because I thought I was going to be a crying mess my babies growing up, but there were no tears to be had. I am quietly enjoying the 3 hours of peace and quiet and it means I get to have lots of cuddle time with Aria. I'm still adjusting to having to get dressed at a reasonable hour though, no more hanging in my PJs until Aria has her morning nap. Kaelan absolutely loves kindy. When he gets up in the morning the first thing he says is can I go to kindy today? As he sits in his race car seat aka car seat he excitedly sings woohooo kindy. The first few days he would give me a big hug and kiss goodbye, but he's already moved on to I don't need a kiss goodbye I'm a big boy-break my heart, I give him a big kiss anyway.
We hadn't planned on putting Kaelan into kindy until he was 3 but it has become very evident that he needs the social interaction as he's getting bored at home and needs to burn off some of that energy! There is a downside to it all though, germs! By day 2 Kaelan had a runny nose and a cough and of course Aria has it now too.

Oh and Kaelan got player of the day at soccer tots for best improved kicker. Boom! Practice with Dad on the weekend is paying off.

Thank you to those who messaged me saying they loved my first blog and wanted to read more, it was really lovely and I was not expecting it. It took my husband 4 day days to read my first blog, he said he loved it so much that it inspired him to want to write a blog, maybe a beer blog he said? He also said he loved the part where I called him an awesome man, what he didn't know is I originally had (most of the time) in there.

Celene x

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